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And How We Can Help.

Many professors are looking for alternatives to traditional textbooks and homework programs. Professors want a resource that can better align content with how they teach their courses. They want to energize the learning process with engaging content, material that can be easily customized to their specific environment, and they want to achieve this all while offering a better value for their students. CSePub has collaborated with professors and other educational subject matter experts to publish engaging course material across many disciplines including, Health & Wellness, Physical Education, Psychology, Chemistry, Management, Finance, and others. The CSePub resources are being used by tens of thousands of instructors and students at many top universities such as The University of Georgia, The University of Tennessee, Clemson, Pepperdine, the University of California – Riverside, and many more.

CSePub’s cloud-based system is accessible anytime, anywhere from a device that has access to an internet browser. This comprehensive software program enables your content to be customized to align directly with how you instruct your course, which maximizes content efficiency and gives you the optimum price for your students. It’s your program, teach it your way! Mix and match the CSePub learning modules and assignments you need for your course. If you have some of your own content you would like to use, CSePub will seamlessly integrate it with our content to create a custom package just for you. The end result: CSePub creates an immersive experience for your students, fully utilizing interactive functionality & features at an affordable price, all with virtually eliminating the burdensome human cost to change.

Although many Professors want to make a change, it can carry a material human cost to change in the form of time and effort. That is why CSePub offers our Concierge Service. Our web development and technical experts will work hand-in-hand with you to customize and load the content for you. We will assist you in setting up the homework and assignments you want with features such as automatic grading, multiple attempt capabilities, publish dates and due dates, point values, etc. We will also train you to do as much as you would like on your own. If you want the program integrated with your institution’s Learning Management System, our resources will work with you and the institution’s Information Technology staff to make it happen. It’s like you have your own personal web and technical resources.

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Benefits for Professors

  • Proven reliability and effectiveness with thousands of students at many colleges and universities
  • Customizable content and assignments align course material directly with the way instructors conduct their class
  • • CSePub Adaptive Learning Programs (ALPs) utilizes machine learning and AI to improve students' comprehension and retention of course content
  • Eliminates High Cost of Change - Professors can utilize expert web resources a little or a lot… all the way up to CSePub's complete Concierge Service
  • Integration with an institution's Learning Management System creates a seamless experience for not only students but instructors as well
  • Digital format increases course delivery options. The content works well in a face-to-face classroom and also a remote learning environment

"We created this curriculum to meet the needs of our students with the latest technology and student learning strategies in mind. It has been a pleasure to work with CSePub, they really listen to our development needs and provide excellent customer service to our students and faculty."

Bridget Melton,
Georgia Southern University, Professor of Exercise Science

Benefits for Students

  • Affordable - customized content is efficient with only material the student will use and is offered at a lower price
  • Automated and simplified manual grading tools provide students with more timely feedback, thus increasing the learning value of the content
  • More engaging content through the use of multimedia capabilities
  • Students won't have to worry about bookstores running out of stock. Students can buy content directly from CSePub and obtain immediate access
  • Easy to use - Students can access through their institution's Learning Management System creating a seamless experience or they can access it directly at
  • Students can access CSePub anytime, anywhere, from any device with browser access
  • CSePub's features and functionality provide tools to the instructor to allow multiple attempts for questions & assignments, and the ability to provide hint files and varying sets of questions on retakes
  • Higher comprehension and retention leading to higher assessment scores

CSePub Features For Professors


Affordable Pricing

on customized content relating directly to what is being taught in your course


Instructor Assistance

from dedicated web-development resources. Technical assistance for instructors ranges from an as-needed-basis to our Concierge Service


Tailor Your Assignments

by choosing from a pre-built question bank, or even adding your own assignments to create custom homework, quizzes, and tests


Engage Students

with multimedia, ADA compliant videos, text, images, charts, surveys, and journals to create an immersive experience


24/7 Customer Support

available for both instructors and students

Concierge Service

Virtually Eliminates the Human Cost to Change


How it Works

Send CSePub your course syllabus. CSePub will build the course content, quizzes, exams, and assignments needed to support your course. Your students enjoy lower prices, and you enjoy an easy transition


Access Any Time

Instructors always have the ability to make changes to their program at any time


Gradebook Integration

Student grades automatically load into the grade book function of your institution’s Learning Management System