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Now the award-winning CSePub Corporate Finance Content not only saves your students more money, but virtually eliminates your human cost to change.

The package performs well in both an on-premise and online format. It includes the Corporate Finance Exercise Program, the Introduction to Financial Management, and Caspian Sea Drinks, all leveraging the advantages of multi-media features with video instruction, problem-solving examples, randomized question banks for assignments, quizzes and exams, hint files, and more.

…….. and we will build it out for you!!

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Don’t need a custom course? Utilize default courses which support the entire package with quizzes and assignments tied to each chapter

CSePub will build the course content, quizzes, exams and assignments uniquely for each instructor in your Finance Department.

The instructor always has the ability to make changes to their program at any time - but CSePub is always available to make changes for you

We offer integration with your institution's Learning Management System - CSePub Web Developers will work with your institution’s Information Technology organization to create a seamless user interface

Student grades automatically load into the gradebook function of your Learning Management System

Virtual Monitoring feature activates the camera on devices being used by students allowing instructors to monitor a virtual classroom while students are taking exams.

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