Introduction To Financial Management

written by Dr. Christopher Pope


Introduction To Financial Management, written by Dr. Christopher Pope, covers core fundamental financial management topics in a straight-forward, concise textbook fashion. Dr. Pope is a graduate of Indiana University. He teaches finance to over 2,000 undergraduate students a year at The University of Georgia and has received the Outstanding Teacher Award for Undergraduate Programs and also the Outstanding MBA Instructor for On Campus MBA. He is a Guest Professor for The Georgia Banking School and has developed multiple online courses for the University of Georgia. Dr. Pope calls upon his experience in academia as well as his business professional experiences with companies like NCR to create an easy to comprehend roadmap to understanding financial management and its decision making principles anchored in business world applications. Introduction To Financial Management is an excellent teaching tool and is customizable to fit any and all classrooms and corporate training programs.


  • Completely customizable to fit your classroom & training needs
  • Electronic format that is accessible from numerous devices
  • Lower cost to students

Dr. Chris Pope
The University of Georgia

Has a PhD from Indiana University and has taught at the University of Georgia since 2000. He holds the title of Senior Lecturer in Finance. Dr. Pope has taught in the undergraduate program, the on-campus MBA program and the evening MBA program during this time. His major teaching assignment has been teaching and managing the large introduction to finance course for the business school. The annual enrollment for this course is about 2,000 students. Dr. Pope has won multiple teacher of the year awards and has most recently developed an online finance course for the Terry College. Outside of working at the Terry College, he is married with two little girls that keep him busy.

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