Caspian Sea Drinks:
A Narrative Introduction to Corporate Finance

written by Jonathan Godbey & Jason Mehl


Derek Foster, a struggling Finance major, meets Eric Bensen, CEO of Caspian Sea Drinks, at a black tie fundraiser honoring Mr. Bensen and his newly founded charity. Mr. Bensen agrees to mentor Derek. In weekly meetings, he tells Derek the story of Caspian Sea’s rise from lemonade stand to publicly traded company, while introducing him to the fundamental concepts and principles of Corporate Finance. Meanwhile, a competitor plotting to steal the ingredients of Caspian Sea, poses as government agent, Steve Moss. He tells Derek that Mr. Bensen is under criminal investigation and pays Derek to act as a spy. As Derek processes the information he receives in separate weekly meetings with Mr. Bensen and Mr. Moss, he learns valuable lessons in both Finance and Ethics.

Using simple languages (words, pictures, numbers) integrated with a compelling narrative, Jonathan Godbey, and Jason Mehl expand the simple, familiar, and concrete concepts of the development of Caspian Sea Drinks into complex, fresh, and abstract realities that are essential for Finance students at all levels.

Story-telling is a tool employed by many effective instructors. Caspian Sea Drinks: A Narrative Introduction To Corporate Finance equips all instructors with one large narrative constructed of smaller stories tailored to meet the needs of new and seasoned instructors of Finance.


  • Story-telling approach engages students in a way textbooks can’t
  • Electronic format that is accessible from numerous devices
  • Lower cost to students

Jonathan Godbey
Georgia State University

Jonathan Godbey earned his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia. He is currently the course coordinator for the introductory finance course at Georgia State University. Dr. Godbey won the Harvey J. Brightman Award for Teaching Innovation for his work with this course. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Finance and is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Financial Education.

Jason Mehl
Calvary Day School

Jason Mehl has been an educator since completing his MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago in 2003. He has been a professor of Writing and Literature, Athletic Director, and Head Basketball Coach at colleges in the United States and Uganda. He is currently an upper school dean teaching Literature at Calvary Day School in Savannah, Georgia.

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