CSePub Corporate Finance Exercise Program

written by Dr. Christopher Pope


Dr. Christopher Pope, a Finance Professor at the University of Georgia, has developed the most comprehensive, independent Corporate Finance Exercise Program available to College Professors and Corporate Training Professionals to date. He was unhappy with the homework codes/ programs that were available in the marketplace because they tied him to a particular book, had limited topics and limited flexibility. In collaboration with Conley Smith ePublishing, LLC (CSePub), Dr. Pope developed his unique specialized Corporate Finance Exercise Program to include comprehensive list of 82 topics, with a cache of over 1300 underlying questions, which can be arranged based upon how you have structured your course. They can be aligned with other CSePub finance books, with your course material or with your favorite text, current or previous edition. Dr. Pope has used the program with over 2000 students annually, in a large classroom setting. The CSePub Exercise Program is also used at other colleges and universities including approximately 1500 entry level students annually at Georgia State University. In addition, CSePub ALPs, our new Adaptive Learning Program functionality, allows you to guide your instruction and increase students' comprehension and retention of the course content. The results are excellent from both an instructor and student perspective. The results are excellent from both an instructor and student perspective.


  • Easy to use
  • Large cache of questions provides varying degrees of difficulty
  • Dynamic numbering allows for a unique set of questions per student
  • Completely customizable to fit your classroom & training needs
  • Electronic format that is accessible from numerous devices
  • Lower cost to students

A Message From Dr. Pope

I have taught the Introductory Finance course here at UGA for the last twelve years. I have used a variety of textbooks including Brigham, Megginson, Berk, Parrino, and now my own textbook, Introduction to Finance Management. As technology has evolved, I have used online homework systems including MyFinanceLab and WileyPlus. I have also consulted for these two homework programs as well as Applia.

We developed this homework exercise program for several reasons. One, I wanted problems that had a good variety of difficulty and topics covered. I also wanted a homework that is portable and can be used with any textbook. I wanted to create an environment where the student could be "all in" in my course: homework, used text, and calculator for under $150. I also wanted problems that had an infinite number of versions. That is, I want a package that requires each student to work each problem and not just use someone else’s answer.

Finally, I also wanted the homework to have three levels of solutions: by hand equation, financial calculator, and excel where applicable. I think we have something here that will evolve into a powerful tool for the student. The homework has enough problems where the instructor can use a different set each semester. The problems are laid out by topic so the homework allows the instructor to design their own course path that is not textbook dependent. I hope you will take a look at our product and see that it will make your life as a professor easier.

Dr. Chris Pope

Dr. Chris Pope
The University of Georgia

Has a PhD from Indiana University and has taught at the University of Georgia since 2000. He holds the title of Senior Lecturer in Finance. Dr. Pope has taught in the undergraduate program, the on-campus MBA program and the evening MBA program during this time. His major teaching assignment has been teaching and managing the large introduction to finance course for the business school. The annual enrollment for this course is about 2,000 students. Dr. Pope has won multiple teacher of the year awards and has most recently developed an online finance course for the Terry College. Outside of working at the Terry College, he is married with two little girls that keep him busy.

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