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What is CSePub?

We publish your content or customize content from other authors to create ideal course materials for college students.

CSePub is a higher education software and publishing company. We serve authors, students, and professors with technical expertise and resources to create engaging multi-media, web-enabled programs that efficiently create value, in and outside of the classroom.

How do we differ from other publishers? We offer the benefits of self-publishing, yet we will do the work for you. We are your dedicated web development team - creative, quick, agile, attentive, and efficient.

Serving You By:

Benefits for Authors

  • CSePub does the heavy lifting to publish your content and energize it with multi-media capabilities
  • Receive professional credit towards university personal development requirements
  • Retain your IP rights
  • Receive higher royalties than more traditional publishing platforms
  • Digital format supports online, in-person, and hybrid classroom learning environments resulting in higher adoption potential

"As an author of several electronic books/manuals, I’ve found CSePub to be easy to work with and very responsive to my needs. In addition, CSePub had the industry knowledge and know-how to take my ideas from conception to product in a very timely manner."

John Leyba,
University of North Georgia,
Dean of the College of Science & Mathematics
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Benefits for Students

  • Accessible from any device with a browser
  • Lower cost than traditional learning materials
  • Maximum content relevancy
  • Simple and easy to use features

"The homework section of CSePUB has also been super helpful. I like that every time you miss it you can read how a similar problem would be answered [step-by-step] and then try it again for 90% credit. Seeing these step-by-step answers helps me comprehend exactly how to solve the problems."

Summer Hanson,
The University of Georgia, Student
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Benefits for Professors

  • CSePub’s Concierge Service virtually eliminates the human cost to change. Our resources can build your course material program from just your syllabus
  • Efficient, lower-cost content aligns directly with what is being taught in your course
  • Instructor assistance from dedicated web-development resources to align text and assignments with your courses
  • Engage students with multimedia, ADA compliant videos, text, images, charts, surveys, and journals to create an immersive experience
  • Tailor assignments by choosing from pre-built question banks, or adding your own, to create custom homework, quizzes, and examinations, all leveraging CSePub ALPS, our Adaptive Learning Program functionality that is proven to increase student comprehension and retention.
  • Learning Management System integration support works with an institution’s technical staff to create a seamless user experience for students
  • Unparalleled 24/7 customer support for instructors, and students

"The CSePub platform has been incredibly useful for me to implement online sections of my course, as well as to create a flipped course where I spend classroom time focusing on the application of the material. I also love that I can set up multiple exam questions with randomly generated numbers—this allows me a lot of security for online courses in my math-based classes. When I teach in person, I use computer lab space to administer exams, and having the grading all done right there on the spot is super helpful."

Michelle Vandellen,
The University of Georgia, Professor
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CSePub brings a new collaborative approach to creating economical and effective course content and homework programs. Our proprietary, cloud-based, electronic publishing platform simplifies the creation, distribution, and use of course content for both Professors and students. We have collaborated with Professors in an array of disciplines, Business, Finance, Investments, Chemistry, Engineering, Psychology, etc., to create and publish unique Course Packets, eBooks, Homework Programs, and Lab Manuals.

All of our content is customizable and can fit any unique campus environment. Students and instructors can access the content, where ever they are, at any time, using any device that has access to a browser. Material can be edited in real-time to continuously improve it and maximize its current relevance.

CSePub’s Concierge Service, practically eliminates the human cost to change, making our products easier to adopt. We engage the web development and technical resources to create course material programs around our content that are aligned with how you instruct your class. Our products can be delivered directly from our cloud-based platform or through your institution’s Learning Management System, creating a seamless user experience for both instructor and student.

CSePub ALPs, our new Adaptive Learning Program functionality, allows you to guide your instruction and increase students' comprehension and retention of the course content.

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Clients of CSePub:

Augusta University
Beacon University
Clemson University
Coastal Carolina
Georgia Southern University
Georgia State University
Morgan State University
Middle Tennessee State University
University of California - Riverside
University of Georgia
University of North Georgia
University of South Carolina
University of Tennessee
Western Illinois University