About Us

Conley Smith ePublishing, LLC brings the power of electronic media to publishing. We serve students, educators, independent authors and general readers through our state-of-the-art electronic publishing platform, CSePUB. In the higher education arena our focus is on enhancing the learning experience for students via electronic publication of course materials and textbooks at a lower cost. CSePUB empowers professors to develop and deliver more relevant educational material to their classrooms, while being more fairly compensated for their Intellectual Property they have worked so diligently to create. Independent Authors bypass the burdensome, discouraging maze of the traditional publishing industry through CSePUB, making it both simple and easy to bring creative works to market, quickly achieving both personal and financial gratification. The general reader will enjoy a world of educational and entertaining electronic books, literally at their finger-tips, through CSePUB ‘s easy to use electronic bookstore. Conley Smith ePublishing is a next generation publisher.

Conley Smith ePublishing is located in Cumming Georgia. It is a Georgia Limited Liability Company. Its founders are W. David Conley and Horace A. Smith, who also own and operate independent college textbook stores in Georgia and Tennessee.

As an author with CSePub, I have direct access to the primary three members of the Conley Smith ePublishing, LLC team. Any specific curriculum or student questions are answered on the same day as they are sent to the CSePub team - Outstanding customer service! I am most impressed with two aspects of my partnership with CSePub; 1. Their team approach to continually improve our curriculum, learning platform, presentations, technology, customer service, and navigational tools in creating a user friendly online learning environment. 2. I am a person of ethics, principle, and loyalty - After three years of partnership, I still work daily/weekly with the same three individuals at CSePub that I started this journey with and that simply does not happen in the publishing world.

Robert Clouse

Georgia Southern University, Lecturer & Program Director

As an author of several electronic books/manuals, I’ve found CSePub to be easy to work with and very responsive to my needs. In addition, CSePub had the industry knowledge and know-how to take my ideas from conception to product in a very timely manner.

When we were developing our new electronic lab manuals, CSePub provided excellent technical capabilities and service and they ensured that the manuals were completed on time and offered to students at a cost that was far below the traditional paper lab manuals.

John Leyba

University of North Georgia, Dean of the College of Science & Mathematics