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CSePub ALPs, our new Adaptive Learning Program functionality, allows you to guide your instruction and increase students' comprehension and retention of the course content.


Hear From Professors:

"Using the novel text and videos in a flipped format along with the problem sets, the overall GPA for the course went from 2.4 to 3.2. I’ve never seen anything like it."

Dr. Jonathan Godbey,
Georgia State University, Instructor

"Love the book [Caspian Sea Drinks]. Jess [CSePUB Head of Web Development and Support] is fabulous. He answers all questions promptly and politely. I appreciate his attention to detail."

Genna Brown,
Georgia State University, Instructor

Hear From Students:

"I think the Caspian Sea Drinks novel is a brilliant way to learn! This is the first school book I have ever actually read all the way through. Not only have I read the entire thing, but I would also read ahead because I enjoyed it so much! I think the most vital part of the chapters were the video answers, which allow us to see how the problem unfolds step by step. The homework section of CSePUB has also been super helpful. I like that every time you miss it you can read how a similar problem would be answered (step-by-step) and then try it again for 90% credit. Seeing these step-by-step answers helps me comprehend exactly how to solve the problems."

Summer Hanson,
The University of Georgia, Student

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