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Revolutionizing Personalized Learning

Welcome to PIVOT Algebra with ALPs, a groundbreaking CSePub Adaptive Learning and Assessment Software Program engineered to confront the pressing challenges within the education landscape. Our cutting-edge AI-driven platform presents a holistic solution to address achievement gaps, combat the adverse effects of Covid-related learning loss, and alleviate the burden caused by teacher shortages. By emphasizing Adaptive Formative Assessments, Spiraling, and Differentiation, PIVOT Algebra with ALPs empowers educators and students alike to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled success.

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How PIVOT Alegra with ALPs Works

Experience the power of Pivot Algebra with ALPs, where instructors harness the capabilities of program-generated weekly assessments encompassing over 50 Algebra 1 topics and a vast collection of more than 600 questions. These assessments are tailored to individual students, aligning with their unique comprehension of the course materials covered. Utilizing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, ALPs effectively identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses, employing a spiral-based approach to deliver customized instruction that fosters long-term knowledge retention.

PIVOT Algebra with ALPs is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all students, irrespective of their ability level, socio-economic background, or subject interests. With compelling data showcasing a significant reduction in academic disparities, PIVOT Algebra with ALPs wholeheartedly supports the educational needs of students from diverse minority backgrounds, English language learners, and individuals with disabilities.

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Benefits of PIVOT Algebra using ALPs

For Teachers:

  • ALPs creates assessments for PIVOT Algebra Topics using the supplied Question Banks, automatically grading them and analyzes data to group students based upon their results
  • The automation enables Teachers to more effectively target learning gaps through data driven results pinpointing areas of strength and weakness
  • PIVOT Algebra employs a spiraling pedagogy supporting long-term student learning
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For Students:

  • ALPs provide personalized education opportunities to accommodate each student’s strengths and weaknesses, reducing test anxiety while increasing confidence
  • Enhances student engagement by providing opportunities to show understanding while increasing self-confidence
  • Deepens mathematical comprehension and enhances content retention for future math courses