Author: Dr. Jan T. Zantinga

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Prefab Shed Corporation sales prefabricated shed kits. They manufacture the kits in Indiana and distribute them from four distribution centers strategically placed across the US. They are implementing a new software system and want to know what is the best forecasting model to program into the system. They currently use one of two forecasting models, simple moving average or exponential smoothing. Given three sets of data elements, the students must develop and support their recommendation. In addition, the company is considering consolidating the distribution system into one. The team must determine whether or not that is a good idea and support their conclusions.

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Dr. Jan T. Zantinga

Dr Zantinga is a lecturer in Operations Management, Project Management and Introduction to Management at the undergraduate and MBA level covering the areas of Manufacturing and Logistics, with special emphasis on ERP, Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing techniques, Supply Chain Management, Software Implementation projects and Production Planning and Scheduling.

Prior to joining The University of Georgia, Dr. Zantinga held various implementation and management positions with a software company, as well as a Big Four Consulting company.

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