Author: Dr. Jan T. Zantinga

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Casey, an intern at Beat The Bookstore (BTB), a local independent college textbook retailer, learns how BTB currently manages their inventory. Being a fourth-year business school student, Casey believes she can help improve the bookstore operation by providing an alternative model to more efficiently manage the inventory. Students must: identify the current strategy used by BTB; chose between three models (Single Period Model, Fixed Order Quantity Model or Fixed Period Model) and explain why their choice is the best one given BTB’s scenario; identify by book type how many books should be ordered; and lastly, determine what elements need to be tracked to determine if BTB is better off using the new approach than their original strategy.

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Dr. Jan T. Zantinga

Dr Zantinga is a lecturer in Operations Management, Project Management and Introduction to Management at the undergraduate and MBA level covering the areas of Manufacturing and Logistics, with special emphasis on ERP, Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing techniques, Supply Chain Management, Software Implementation projects and Production Planning and Scheduling.

Prior to joining The University of Georgia, Dr. Zantinga held various implementation and management positions with a software company, as well as a Big Four Consulting company.

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