Author: Dr. Vanessa Williams

Course: CBIO 2200

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Dr. Williams currently instructs Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at Athens Technical College, in Athens, Georgia. While teaching at the University of Georgia, she used her understanding of both the instructor’s and student’s needs to develop this valuable and effective learning tool. This full-color lab manual creates a clear, concise roadmap for beginning anatomy students and non-biology majors to master the fundamentals of the human anatomy.

The review questions can be used as pre-lab quizzes/assignments to encourage students to prepare for lab. They can also be used as post-lab quizzes/assignments aimed at familiarizing the student with examples that they might see on a lab exam. Checklists of terms and structures anatomy students should know are provided at the end of the exercises and can be adapted to any institution’s needs. Because of its electronic nature, it is fully customizable, ensuring it meets the instructor’s needs and is precisely aligned with the manner in which they conduct their labs.

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