Your Organic Chemistry Lab
Anytime, Anywhere
The CSePub Organic Chemistry Lab course is now available in an entirely online format. Now your students can have access to lectures, assignments, and even experiments remotely.
Organic Chemistry Lab Program Benefits

Benefits for Instructors:

Provides an alternative to a physical lab experience in times of emergency and during normal operations when a make-up lab is needed

Integrates with your institution’s Learning Management System for online delivery

Seamlessly feeds Lab results into your Learning Management System Grade Book making it easyand convenient to keep track of your students’ grades

Efficient use of Lab time for experiments by assigning pre-labs to students and keeping track of progress

CSePub gives you the ability to customize and change your lab content anytime

Use of different question types reduces required instructor time to grade results

Benefits for Students:

Students receive the benefit of a Lab experience even when its not possible to physically be in the Lab

Pre-lab videos allow students to watch lectures at their own pace, and review as much as needed Students access their Labs seamlessly through their school accounts

Use of technology and digital data entry prepares students for a career in the modern world

Students have constant access to their work online via our Electronic Notebook

Results are communicated in a more timely manner increasing a student’s comprehension

CSePub Platform Features.

Tailor Your Course

Choose from our content & combine with your own for a customized course.

24/7 Support

Unparalleled customer support for professors and students whenever you need it.

100% Online

Labs, lectures and even experiments can all be completed remotely.

Virtual Monitoring

Allows instructors to monitor a virtual classroom during testing by activating student cameras.

Sample Lab Video From the CSePub Organic Chemistry Course
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