Textbooks are getting more and more expensive for students to buy. Many professors feel that generally available textbooks don’t deliver enough value considering the limited content from them that is actually used in their classroom. The rapid changes in many disciplines being taught render portions of a textbook out of date by the time it even gets to market. More professors are moving to self generated course packages, but when printed locally provide little to no compensation for the Intellectual Property they have developed. And they are static, limited in the ability to quickly and conveniently modify content. CSePUB offers a solution. Electronically publish your content via the CSePUB platform,.

  • Deliver relevant course content at a lower cost to students
  • Unleash the educational power of the internet by using videos and links to powerful websites
  • Modify content based upon current events during the semester
  • Professional assistance with copyright permissions, cover art and other publishing needs
  • Retain your rights
  • Receive equitable compensation for your Intellectual Property

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